Lynn Mueting, Brand Strategy Specialist / Entrepreneur

“When I moved to the UK, I asked Bill to act as my tax accountant for filing forms and maximizing my returns. On several occasions since, Bill has been able to (legally) retrieve more of my earnings than I ever expected and he did so with complete professionalism, timeliness and good nature. I would recommend Bill to anyone in need of a thorough and trust worthy tax accountant!”

Michael Skaff, Technical Services at Bare Escentuals

“Bill is a veritable genius in all things Tax (or financially!) related. I do not say this lightly – he has earned my respect over the years with his encyclopedic knowledge of the ever-changing tax laws, his religious attention to every detail and his ever-professional and personable demeanor. Between his amazing skills and the very talented staff he has working with him, I am more than happy to give him my highest recommendation – he is someone I would (and already have!) send my family and friends to. “

Jeff Rolka

“I worked with Bill Lentini for several tax seasons when my accountants in Boston failed to do their job and also mismanaged an audit that had been started by the IRS. Because of my former accountants, the IRS had closed my case (according to them I lost) submitted me to collections agencies (because, again, my former accountant failed to file two consecutive years of tax returns because of the audit) and had submitted notices that my wages and property were to have liens placed on them or garnished.
In other words, it could not have gotten much worse by the time I hired Bill.

It was not an easy process, but with Bill’s dedication, persistence, and personable ethics he was able to:

  • Reopen my case with the IRS
  • Advise me on how to remove the collections and lien threats
  • Satisfactorily execute the audit
  • File several years of tax returns simultaneously

The final results included:

  • My audit was processed and reversed, the IRS returned my money with interest!
  • My taxes were brought up to date, and I even got a return from one of the years that hadn’t been filed!
  • Keep me happy and sane throughout the process.

Bill Lentini helped navigate me through what had been one of the most stressful events I have ever experienced, and I can say, with full confidence, that I may have been financially ruined had it not been for him. I recommend him without reservation.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity”

Marcy Jacobs, MBA, Human Resources Manager, KIPP Bay Area Schools

“I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Bill Lentini for nearly fifteen years, as a colleague, then client, and ultimately as part his wonderful firm. I met Bill in 1996 at a law firm in San Francisco where he trained me diligently in law office trust accounting and bookkeeping. He was patient at teaching me the intricacies of accounting without ever being condescending. Unlike many accountants, Bill has exceptional communication skills and explains difficult tax concepts in an approachable way.
In 2005 I had recently returned to the San Francisco Bay Area after a brief stint in Phoenix. Bill offered me a position that allowed me to use my skills in HR consulting, operations management, and investments to provide comprehensive service to our clients. Bill was supportive during my tenure with him and encouraged me while I completed my Masters Degree in Business.

When I joined his well established San Francisco accounting firm, Bill was already a local personality, hosting his tax talk show on the Green 960, in addition to being owner and manager of WEL Enterprise, a firm with over 1,000 clients. Bill employed his best quality – his warm and winning personality – to keep his clients engaged. Bill used his sharp business acumen to retain and attract clients through hosting bi-monthly evening workshops on special tax issues affecting the majority of his client base and utilized multimedia, such as radio and the internet, to take the fear out of finances for his clients.

Professionally Bill is well-versed not only in tax accounting, but business management, corporations and personal investments, which makes him a one-stop shop for all financial needs. Personally, Bill is a wonderful mentor, friend and employer. Bill can take a frazzled, nervous client and within an hour’s time would be able to put the client at ease and provide solutions to whatever financial issue they were having. His office was always a warm, colorful and inviting second home to me and to his clients. During my tenure at WEL, he consistently solicited opinions from his staff and allowed them to thrive under his tutelage.

I strongly recommend Bill and am envious that he has taken his talents to the East Coast. We miss him here in the Bay Area!”

Emily Jan, Timbuktu Design

“Bill Lentini and his team have been taking care of my husband’s and my graphic and web design company, Timbuktu Design, almost since its inception. They go the extra mile, are always available for questions (even stupid ones!), and have saved us an inordinate amount of time, money, and trouble.

I am not someone who understands the finer points of taxes, corporations, or the like very well, so having a company who really works with us on a personal level as well as professionally is important to me. Bill has always taken the time to hold our hands through these various critical processes, and the results he has produced for us in terms of tax savings and better organizational structuring have made all the difference in the world to our little company.

I’ll admit that dealing with taxes and legalities in the past has always been rather like pulling teeth for me, but Bill and his team have really taken the pain out of the whole process. Going in for our meetings at his office is a pleasure, as everyone is always cheery and affable and they really put us at ease from the beginning. I would definitely recommend Bill and his team, especially to small business owners and start-ups! “

Joseph Geller, Attorney

“Bill has psychic ability when it comes to numbers. He has gotten me out of more tax jams and financial predicaments than I’d care to admit. He never passes judgment on my previous financial decisions. Bill has been invaluable to my business and me.”